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Does Cafe Sydney Have A Dress Code?

In Circular Quay, Cafe Sydney is a restaurant that is well-known for its exceptional culinary choices as well as its stunning views of Sydney Harbour. The restaurant is located on top of the famous Customs House. On the other hand, in addition to the gastronomic delights it offers, many guests are curious about the dress code of the company.

The dress code can frequently determine the atmosphere and amount of formality of an evening, establishing the tone for the evening.

In this article, we investigate if Cafe Sydney has any particular dress requirements, to ensure that customers can adequately prepare themselves for their eating experience at one of the most sought-after locations in Sydney.

Does Cafe Sydney Have A Dress Code?

No particular attire is required to enter Cafe Sydney. The restaurant has an expensive vibe and beautiful vistas, so it’s best to wear smart-casual, particularly in the evenings. People who frequent the establishment tend to dress neatly, favouring collared shirts, pants, dresses, and skirts.

Dress formally is not required, but we do ask that you refrain from wearing anything too casual, such as sneakers, shorts, or a beach towel. For the most up-to-date information or specific dress code standards, it’s recommended that you contact the restaurant directly or visit their website before your visit.

Here are some more examples of attire that would typically align with the smart-casual dress code at Cafe Sydney:


  • Collared shirts (button-down or polo shirts)
  • Dress pants or chinos
  • Closed-toe shoes (loafers, dress shoes, or stylish sneakers)
  • Optional: Blazers or sport coats for a more polished look


  • Blouses or dressy tops
  • Skirts, dress pants, or tailored trousers
  • Dresses (casual or cocktail dresses)
  • Closed-toe shoes (heels, flats, or fashionable sandals)
  • Optional: Blazers, cardigans, or stylish outerwear for cooler evenings


  • Minimalist jewellery
  • Scarves or wraps for added elegance
  • Fashionable handbags or clutches
  • Tasteful belts to accessorize outfits

While these samples might serve as a starting point, keep in mind that you want to look your best without coming across as stuffy. When deciding what to wear to Cafe Sydney, your comfort and sense of style should take precedence.

Is Cafe Popular In Sydney?

I can confirm that Cafe Sydney is well-liked by Sydney locals. The view of Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, and the city skyline is breathtaking from its vantage point atop the Customs House at Circular Quay. Its picturesque setting and stellar reputation for service and cuisine make it a popular spot for both locals and visitors.

Modern Australian dishes with an emphasis on seasonal, locally produced ingredients are only one of the many reasons why Cafe Sydney is so well-liked. Cafe Sydney welcomes a diverse clientele that includes those in search of a business lunch, a romantic evening for two, or a venue to commemorate a significant occasion.

The restaurant is popular among locals and tourists alike seeking an unusual dining experience in the middle of Sydney due to its reputation for serving delicious food in a stylish and modern setting. Here are some additional factors contributing to the popularity of Cafe Sydney:

  • Reputation for Quality: Cafe Sydney has built a strong reputation for consistently delivering high-quality food, attentive service, and an overall excellent dining experience. This positive reputation spreads through word-of-mouth recommendations and favourable reviews from diners and food critics alike.
  • Iconic Location: Being located atop the Customs House in Circular Quay, one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks, adds to the allure of Cafe Sydney. Its panoramic views of Sydney Harbour, including the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, create a captivating backdrop that enhances the dining experience and makes it a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists.
  • Variety of Dining Experiences: Cafe Sydney offers various dining experiences to cater to different preferences and occasions. Whether it’s enjoying cocktails and small bites at the bar, indulging in a leisurely lunch, or savouring a multi-course dinner, the restaurant provides options for various dining styles and occasions.
  • Seasonal Menu Offerings: The restaurant’s menu evolves with the seasons, showcasing the best of seasonal produce and flavours. This commitment to freshness and innovation keeps diners intrigued and coming back to explore new culinary creations.
  • Ambience and Atmosphere: Cafe Sydney boasts a stylish and contemporary ambience, characterized by sleek decor, soft lighting, and an inviting atmosphere. Whether patrons are seated indoors or on the outdoor terrace, they can enjoy a relaxed yet sophisticated dining environment that enhances their overall experience.
  • Exceptional Service: The attentive and professional service provided by Cafe Sydney’s staff contributes significantly to its popularity. From warm welcomes to knowledgeable recommendations and seamless execution of meals, the staff ensures that diners feel well taken care of throughout their visit.

All things considered, Cafe Sydney is a much-loved and well-attended eatery in Sydney, attracting both locals and tourists who come to savour the delectable food and marvel at the stunning scenery.

Famous Cafe In Sydney

A well-known cafe in Sydney is the “Grounds of Alexandria.” Both the unusual and immersive dining experience and the excellent coffee have contributed to its enormous appeal. The Grounds, an expansive venue in an Alexandria suburb, has a variety of eateries, a bakery, a florist, a petting zoo, and an artisanal food market.

The cafe has a lovely, eclectic vibe thanks to its rustic furnishings, abundant greenery, and whimsical accents. Guests may savour freshly roasted coffee, mouth-watering pastries, and a varied brunch and lunch buffet crafted with ingredients obtained from the surrounding area.

Not only is the food at the Grounds of Alexandria delicious, but the venue also hosts live music, workshops, and markets, in addition to a lively ambience. For a memorable and Instagrammable meal in Sydney, it has become a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

Another well-known Sydney cafe is “Bourke Street Bakery.” Since its start, Bourke Street Bakery has gained a devoted following because of its handcrafted bread, delicious pastries, and great coffee. Cafés at Potts Point, Marrickville, and Barangaroo are among the several Sydney locations of Bourke Street Bakery, which began in Surry Hills.

The dedication to using only the finest ingredients and time-honoured baking methods is what makes Bourke Street Bakery unique. Freshly baked items such as sourdough loaves of bread, savoury pies, sausage rolls, quiches, and a variety of sweet pastries like cakes, tarts, and croissants are available to patrons.

Bourke Street Bakery has been around for a while, yet each of its cafés still has the same warm and welcoming vibe thanks to its rustic furnishings, community tables, and open kitchen. Bourke Street Bakery provides a classic Sydney cafe experience that is adored by locals and tourists alike, whether you’re on the move for a fast pastry or taking your time for brunch.


The city of Sydney is home to a bustling cafe scene that includes several well-known enterprises that have won the affection and gastronomic preferences of both locals and tourists alike.

From well-known establishments such as Cafe Sydney, which is renowned for its exquisite modern Australian cuisine and provides breathtaking views of the harbour, to well-liked neighbourhood gems such as Bourke Street Bakery, which is well-known for its artisanal bread and delectable pastries, there is an abundance of options available to satisfy every craving and preference in terms of their culinary preferences.

Whether you are looking for a place to have a leisurely breakfast with friends, a cosy corner to enjoy a cup of coffee and a book, or a dining experience that will leave you with unforgettable panoramic views, Sydney’s cafes are guaranteed to meet your expectations in terms of both quality and atmosphere.

Because of their dedication to providing outstanding food, warm hospitality, and one-of-a-kind atmospheres, these cafes have become an essential component of Sydney’s cultural fabric. They invite customers to enjoy the gastronomic delights that the city has to offer while simultaneously creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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